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4 Details To Keep In Mind When Buying A Vaccine Fridge

For a medical professional or a business that administers vaccinations, a refrigerator for the vaccines is an essential piece of equipment. A vaccine fridge will keep the vaccine at the correct temperature to ensure that it is effective at preventing disease. To check that your vaccine fridge is right for your company, keep the following details in mind when purchasing your refrigerator.

1. Where You Plan to House the Fridge

Vaccine refrigerators come in multiple styles and designs so that they can meet the needs of practically any medical office. To narrow down your selection, start by deciding where you want to house the fridge.

Some of the most common options are countertop fridges (styles intended to sit on the counter) and freestanding under-the-counter models. These under-the-counter refrigerators are intended to sit on the floor of your medical practice. They tend to be a little larger and bulkier than countertop models. Since most medical offices have limited counter space, these designs are more compact. 

2. Your Preference Regarding the Door of the Fridge

Decide if you prefer for your fridge to have an opaque door or if you want to be able to view the contents of the fridge without opening the door. If you prefer to have the option to survey the contents of the fridge with a glance, a unit with a see-through door is a better fit for your needs. However, if privacy is a concern and you don't want other people to know what the fridge contains, an opaque door is a terrific choice. 

3. Your Ideal Interface for Adjusting the Temperature

One of the details that distinguishes a vaccine fridge from a regular refrigerator is that it gives you the ability to adjust the temperature with extreme precision. There are a couple of common interfaces for adjusting the fridge's temperature. 

Some fridges boast a touchscreen display, while others have distinct buttons that you use to change the temperature. Neither model is better than the other; which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. 

4. The Need for a Lock or Passcode to Secure the Contents 

Many vaccine refrigerator models come equipped with some type of feature to lock the fridge. Certain models have a spot for you to use a physical lock, while others allow you to lock the fridge using a numerical passcode. A unit with a numerical passcode is a great fit for offices where a large number of people need to access the fridge. Other styles boast a more traditional key lock that limits access to only individuals who possess the key. 

To check out other kinds of vaccine fridges, such as 24-inch refrigerators for vaccines, reach out to a supplier.