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Earwax Causing Hearing Loss

People may experience a loss of hearing due to a number of factors. Some people are more prone to lose their hearing because of genes inherited from their parents. Additionally, people may lose their hearing as they age. Loud noises and trauma to the ear may also result in hearing loss. A person may even experience hearing loss due to excessive earwax.

Earwax is naturally produced by the ear to protect the sensitive skin of the ear canal. The wax also helps keep the ear clean and lubricated.

Here is a bit of information about hearing loss that is caused by earwax:

Does the Hearing Loss Happen Suddenly?

Hearing loss from a buildup of earwax is usually gradual. Over time, as the wax accumulations grow to block the canal, the person's ability to hear declines.

What Causes Earwax to Become Impacted?

Earwax impaction occurs when the wax is unable to flow out of the ear canal. The flow of earwax may be impeded by the irregular shape or narrowness of the canal. In addition, wax may build up due to the failure to remove a hearing aid, or the use of objects, such as cotton swabs and hair pins, to clean the ears. Items that are smaller than your finger should never be used to clean the ear canals.

Are Blockages from Earwax Common?

Earwax blockages that cause significant hearing loss are not frequent occurrences. In order for soundwaves to reach the drum of the ear, only a minute opening is needed. Thus, if the earwax accumulations do not plug the ear canal tightly, the loss of hearing should not be noticeable.

If the earwax blockage is severe, additional symptoms should accompany the hearing loss. The person may also experience a feeling of fullness in the ear. Additionally, they may feel dizzy.

How Can Excess Earwax Be Removed?

If your hearing loss is caused by earwax buildup, the issue can be easily remedied. A medical professional can remove the earwax in their office. 

What If Earwax Is Not the Cause of Your Hearing Loss?

Some patients incorrectly believe that earwax is causing their hearing loss. A hearing professional can assess the ears thoroughly to determine whether or not earwax is the problem. If the removal of the earwax does not improve a patient's hearing, other issues are likely causing the loss.

To have your ears professionally assessed, contact the office of a hearing professional in your area. You can also contact clinics like Wakefield Hearing Center for more information.