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Do you suffer from bothersome acne? Perhaps, you don’t like to leave home during periods where your skin is filled with red, inflamed pimples. If you’re tired of acne outbreaks, consider scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist near you. This medical professional will examine your skin and provide you with effective solutions for your problem. Your dermatologist might prescribe a topical cream to apply to your skin. This individual may also recommend you wash your face with a medicated, facial scrub each day. On this blog, I hope you will discover easy ways to get rid of acne for good. Enjoy!

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The Best Dressed Breasts: How To Tastefully Show Off Your New Enhancements

Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed plastic surgery in America and most often, the results are pretty phenomenal for the women getting them. Enhanced breasts can give you loads of body-confidence, which may help you with relationships and other important aspects of life. They'll make you look and feel sexier, but what are the best ways to show them off with taste and tact? While you may not want to take breast-baring to the extreme, you do want them to work for you, in terms of adding beauty, feminine curves and appeal. Here's how to make the most out of your new, surgically-enhanced breasts.

Giving Them Post-Op TLC

Beyond the sensual image and super-charged confidence of breast augmentation is the clinical aspect of your surgery. This is still a medical procedure and as such, requires constant attention and care. You might need a postoperative bra, anti-nausea medication (for the anesthesia), topical lotion and protective bandages as you heal. Resuming a normal working and living routine shouldn't require more than a couple of weeks; however, ask your doctor specifically about when you can engage in strenuous exercising. Keep in mind, too, that having augmentation doesn't exclude you from needing annual mammograms and monthly self-exams.

Lifting And Supporting

Your former bra size simply won't do after you've had the enhancements, but don't just estimate your new size or expect the predictions from your surgeon to be exact: really measure your bust line to determine the best possible fit. A lot of women never get this right, whether or not they've had enhancements, but since your body has been altered, you want the right support, beyond the aesthetics. Write down your exact new measurements and take them with you shopping, so you can refer to manufacturer's charts as you browse. Try them on for size and only buy one, at first, to ensure you're really comfortable and fully supported by the dimensions.

Going Bra-Less After Augmentation

This trend, made popular by Hollywood heavyweights who take more selfies in a day than you probably will in a lifetime, is taking it to the extreme. It's almost as if there's a contest to see who can be the most daring, but in reality for "normal" people, this trend should be avoided. Unless you're parading around in the comfort of your own home or around close friends, going bra-less can taint you professionally and personally. Especially with enhancements, you may not like the backlash you get for the semi-indecent exposure. Additionally, the lack of support might not be good for you physically. Ask your surgeon about this and whether or not you should be forgoing the bra even around the house.

Exercising For Your New Breasts

Your enhancements may benefit from certain exercises that will help your body hold the shape longer. Once you've been cleared by your medical team for exercise, consider starting a routine that will strengthen and build certain muscle groups responsible for holding the breasts up. Also, if you've opted for a larger size cup, your lower back may be at risk of new aches and pains; thus, strengthening your core abdomen muscles, as well as maintaining good posture are absolute necessities.

Optimizing Your Waistline

Your new breasts will look even curvier and more appealing when there's an emphasis on your waist. Try on a few waist-hugging shirts to see this effect and then add some to your wardrobe. A thick belt, too, will put the spotlight on an enhanced bust line as well, turning an otherwise bland and boring dress into a very stylish and sexy ensemble. Slimming and defining your abs will add new depth and dimension to your body with the enhancements, if you have the motivation needed to achieve this coveted look.

Decorating Your Cleavage With Jewelry

Jewelry really emphasizes the neckline, but if your intent is to draw attention to your cleavage, wear a necklace with a pendant that dangles down, like something in the shape of a heart. It should come to rest right where you want it to, creating an alluring and eye-catching image. Be careful with choker-style necklaces, though, as they may make your neck look smaller, while exaggerating body shape.

Dusting And Contouring

Contouring can work like magic, creating the illusion of larger breasts, but it's also great for defining the shoulder and collar bones, if your objective is to look more sculpted and feminine. You might also dust your cleavage with a soft blush, shimmer or bronzer, just look for something long-lasting that won't come off on your outfit. Also, don't forget to apply sunscreen to this area generously, as the neck/chest area is often left vulnerable to UV damage.

Breast enhancements can do a lot for the way you look, along with how you feel about yourself. Make sure you take good care of them, as they're likely to need some follow-up in the coming years and make sure you're comfortable with the way you show them off, no matter how modest or immodest you happen to be. They are, after all, yours to do with as you please, so make the most of them. For more information, visit websites like