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Why You May Want To See A Neurology Specialist For Your Sleep Disorder

If you have a neurological sleep disorder, you may want to see a neurology specialist. Sleep is critical for proper brain functioning, and without ample sleep, driving can become dangerous, concentration can become elusive, and depression or other emotional issues may become a concern.

Wondering why you should see a neurological specialist in particular? Here's a look at some of the top reasons.

1. Comprehensive Diagnoses and Solutions

When many physicians look at sleep disorders, they only look at one part of the issue. For instance, the doctor may diagnose you with insomnia or sleep apnea and treat you accordingly. A neurological specialist, however, looks at everything that is happening.

He or she takes observations from a sleep study, but when diagnosing and making treatment recommendations, the neurologist also takes into account headaches, back pain, lifestyle factors, brain trauma, and any related areas of concern. That helps you access more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment.

2 Better Understanding of Medication's Impact on the Brain

All licensed physicians and psychiatrists can prescribe sleeping aids, but if you want to work with a specialist who fully understands their impact on the brain, you may want to work with a neurologist.

They can study your unique brain patterns, and monitor you closely for any issues with various medications. They can also help ensure that you choose the medications that allow you to sleep without compromising your overall brain functioning.

3. Treatment of Comorbidity

As indicated above, sleep issues don't occur in a vacuum, and in some cases, patients have more than one health issue along with their sleep issue. For instance,imagine you suffer from insomnia, but you also have post-traumatic stress disorder or depression; a neurological specialist knows how to treat all of those issues, whether they occur on their own or in conjunction with another disorder.  

4. Experience With Psychophysiologic Insomnia

If you suffer from Psychophysiologic Insomnia in particular, you want to see a neurological specialist over a general sleep specialist. This condition generally begins when you can't fall asleep or stay asleep due to stressful situations. For instance, this may happen in people with abusive relationships or with people who are temporarily homeless and always have to "sleep with one eye open". Once the stressful situation ends, however, the sleep problems remain, but a specialist can also help with this.

To learn more about when you should visit a neurological center for your sleep issues, contact a specialist directly.