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Exercises To Help Reduce The Appearance Of A Dowager's Hump

Your bones are formed in a way that they can carry, control, and move all of the weight of your body. Your spinal column sits in the middle of your body and is responsible for carrying the majority of your weight while also allowing for the most complete and free movements of the body. Since the vertebrae carry a great deal of weight, they can disintegrate if you form a condition like osteoporosis. When this happens, you may develop a problem with spinal compression fractures. If you are a woman, then you may see something called a dowager's hump. This is the telltale rounded protrusion that starts to appear near your shoulders. If you see this hump, then you can stop its progression and also reverse the hump to some degree. Keep reading to find out how to do this with exercise.

Hump Formations And Muscle Strength

If you have a compression fracture condition that has resulted in the formation of a back hump, then it is very likely that small breaks have started to develop in your spine over time. This happens as the bones start to thin and become more porous due to the development of osteoporosis. When you lean forward, to the side, or backward, the weight of your body shifts onto your spine. The weak bones then form small fractures. As the spinal bones crack and disintegrate, the head and shoulders drop forward and the back hump forms.

Fortunately, some compression fractures can heal and spinal vertebrae can become strong and dense. This can reduce the appearance of your hump over time. However, you will need to reduce some of the stress on your healing bones. One of the best ways to do this is to strengthen the muscles around the spinal column. The muscles allow for movement, but they also offer bone support.

Muscle building or bulking also needs to occur so that muscles are large enough to fully support the vertebrae in a straighter position.

Initial Muscle Strengthening Exercises

If you want to start resolving your condition, you should begin with some basic exercises. This will help to strengthen the muscles so the tissues are strong and healthy enough to start building more tissues. You want to work the muscles across the top part of the back and shoulders. These are called the deltoid, rhomboid, and trapezius muscles. 

Start by stretching the shoulders and back by completing wide arm circles with both your right and left arms. Roll your shoulders to the front and back 10 times and also stretch your neck to the left and right side. Afterwards, stand with your legs shoulder width apart and lean your chest forward over your knees so your back forms a 45 degree angle. Bend your knees gently and then stretch your arms out straight in front of you. Straighten your elbows and move your arms directly out to your sides and then back to the front of your body. Do this about 20 times. This exercise will work all of the muscles along the top of your back, and you should spend at least 15 minutes a day completing one or two sets of the lifts.

Muscle Building Exercises

After one or two weeks of completing your muscle strengthening exercises, you can start to build muscles across your back. You will want to complete the same arm movements while bending forward, but you should place weights in your hand. This will create resistance to force your muscles to form new tissues. 

You should hold a one or two pound weight in each hand to start. If you cannot comfortably lift this much weight, then hold a full soup can in each hand to begin. Once you can lift a one pound weight, start increasing free weight size by about one pound every three to four weeks. This will help you to gradually build muscle to support your spine without tearing tissues extensively and causing swelling. Swelling can place extra pressure on the spine and contribute to compression fractures.

Complete one to two sets of 20 arm lifts every other day. Make sure to rest in between exercise sessions so your muscles can heal. Also, eat foods that are high in protein immediately after completing your arm lifts. The protein will be directed towards your muscles to build new tissue.

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