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Do you suffer from bothersome acne? Perhaps, you don’t like to leave home during periods where your skin is filled with red, inflamed pimples. If you’re tired of acne outbreaks, consider scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist near you. This medical professional will examine your skin and provide you with effective solutions for your problem. Your dermatologist might prescribe a topical cream to apply to your skin. This individual may also recommend you wash your face with a medicated, facial scrub each day. On this blog, I hope you will discover easy ways to get rid of acne for good. Enjoy!

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3 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Warts On Your Feet

If you developed a wart on your foot and prefer trying at-home remedies for minor issues like this, you might be able to successfully remove your wart with a natural ingredient you already have in your pantry. Foot warts are typically called plantar warts, and these warts can spread in some cases. If you want to prevent getting more warts by eliminating the one you have, you may want to try one of these three at-home remedies for wart removal.

Essential Oils

Essential oils come from trees, plants, and flowers, and they can be used for many different purposes, including to get rid of a plantar wart. There are hundreds of different types of essential oils available, and there are numerous options that may help you get rid of a wart. Lemon oil and tea tree oil are two common oils people use for this purpose, and both of these may offer successful results. Here are the instructions to follow when using either type of essential oil for wart removal:

  1. Clean your foot and wart really well with soap and water.
  2. Pat your foot dry after cleaning it.
  3. Apply one or two drops of the oil directly on the wart.
  4. Cover the wart with a bandage to keep the oil in place.
  5. Repeat these steps every morning and evening.

A wart will not go away overnight, but it may go away within a few weeks if you are diligent with applying the oil to it. These oils are capable of penetrating into the roots of the wart. When this occurs, the oils will kill the roots, causing the wart to die.

Duct Tape

A second method that may help you get rid of your wart involves the use of silver duct tape. Duct tape is a common household product you may already have, and it may help you get rid of your wart naturally. To use this method, follow these instructions:

  1. Place a piece of duct tape over the wart and leave the tape in place for six days.
  2. Remove the tape and soak your foot in warm, soapy water.
  3. Dry your foot and file the wart with an emery board or pumice stone.
  4. Let your foot air out for up to 12 hours.
  5. Repeat these steps until the wart is gone.

Keeping tape over the wart will stop the air supply the wart is used to getting. This method will take some time, but it is easy and painless.


A third option you could try is using onions to get rid of your wart. You can use any type of onion for this, and you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Clean your foot thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Dry your foot and rub a cut-up onion piece over the wart. As you do this, try to squeeze some of the onion juice into your wart.
  3. Let the juice dry before you do anything else.
  4. Repeat these steps three times per day until your wart is gone.

Using onions to kill a wart is a method many people have used over the years for getting rid of warts. This method is easy to use and is handy because you probably already have onions at home in your pantry.

Natural remedies can be very effective for treating problems like warts, but there are also times when natural remedies may not work as fast as you would like. If you are in a hurry to get rid of a plantar wart, you might be better off visiting a podiatrist to have it professionally removed with one of several common methods. Contact a firm like Laurel Podiatry Associates, LLC for more info.