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Do you suffer from bothersome acne? Perhaps, you don’t like to leave home during periods where your skin is filled with red, inflamed pimples. If you’re tired of acne outbreaks, consider scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist near you. This medical professional will examine your skin and provide you with effective solutions for your problem. Your dermatologist might prescribe a topical cream to apply to your skin. This individual may also recommend you wash your face with a medicated, facial scrub each day. On this blog, I hope you will discover easy ways to get rid of acne for good. Enjoy!

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4 Things You Should Know About CBD Hemp Oil

If you've been hearing or seeing about CBD oil for sale recently, you may wonder what this product is and what all the excitement is about. This non-psychoactive derivative of the hemp plant has great medicinal value for those suffering from specific types of symptoms or disorders. Here are four things you should know about this product to help you decide whether it might benefit you too.

1. What It Is

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance found naturally in the hemp plant. Ordinary hemp oil has a small amount of CBD oil, on the order of 25 parts per million, but the product known as CBD oil can contain up to 15,000 parts per million, derived primarily from the cannabidiol-rich flowers of the plant.

Unlike marijuana or other cannabis-related products, CBD oil does not induce an altered state of consciousness because it has a different chemical structure than the psychoactive component of marijuana, THC. Instead, people with various health conditions seek it out for its apparent ability to help with a wide range of ailments.

2. What It Treats

Medical studies have found that CBD possesses remarkable medicinal properties. Some of these include:

  • Anti-psychotic value - While THC has something of a bad reputation for its ability to amplify psychotic episodes, its benevolent brother CBD seems to have the opposite effect. As an anti-psychotic, German researchers have found it to be as powerful as some medicines currently prescribed for schizophrenia.
  • Cancer-fighting ability - Studies indicate the CBD has the ability to deactivate a certain gene in cancer cells that tells them to metastasize, or spread from one from location to other parts of the body. This could make it an important containment tool in the fight against many types of cancer.
  • Rejuvenation of neural tissue - CBD appears to have the ability to reverse damage to the brain caused by alcohol abuse. Chronic alcoholics could therefore benefit immensely at from dosages of CBD oil, according to studies on animals in which alcohol-related brain damage was cut almost in half by CBD.

In addition to these major benefits, CBD oil may also be effective against anxiety, depression, seizures, nausea and vomiting. 

3. Where It's Legal

One of the frustrating ironies about CBD oil is that it's currently legal in only 10 states -- despite its non-intoxicating effects -- while medical marijuana is legal in 20 states. Currently you can buy CBD oil legally in:

  • Utah
  • Alabama
  • Kentucky
  • Wisconsin
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • Iowa

Several other states are either investigating CBD for possible legalization or in the process of introducing the appropriate legislation, including Georgia, Missouri and New York. Some of these cases are pending clinical trials that must be completed and analyzed before a bill can be written to support legalization of CBD.

4. How to Purchase and Take It

You can find CBD hemp oil for sale at a variety of "brick and mortar" specialty shops (in states where the product is legal to sell over the counter), or through many online retailers.  The product is generally sold in small bottles with a dropper and may contain other ingredients such as glycerin and natural flavorings. The normal dosage in a few drops placed under the tongue, where it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the tiny blood vessels in that area.

Before you buy and use CBD oil, however, take one critical caveat to heart. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment with any kind of remedy, either pharmaceutical or herbal, is potentially dangerous because of the possibility of allergic reactions or dangerous interactions with other substances. Always talk to your physician before taking any kind of product to treat symptoms or diseases. With a little luck and the proper guidance, you may benefit greatly from CBD hemp oil's miraculous properties!